China School Admissions System

OpenApply provides an online admissions advantage for the competitive Chinese market. Local integrations and bilingual support make it easy for Chinese parents to apply online from any device.

Top China School Admissions System with Local Hosting and Bilingual Interface

Chinese Language Support

OpenApply supports data entry in both simplified and traditional Chinese and provides a full bilingual parent interface that is responsive to mobile. The bilingual interface includes all forms and checklists meaning both local parents and those from abroad can easily apply from any device at any time.

WeChat integration means families can submit enquiries and schedule tours directly from their WeChat account to get the process moving quickly. Schools can choose to use a Chinese interface with WeChat as well, meaning OpenApply is easily accessible to Chinese parents any time and anywhere.

Online Application Management

Online application management allows you to access student application information from anywhere at any time. Easy searching, filtering and tagging allows you to move applicants smoothly through the process, meaning your time can be spent on more important things like recruitment and making personal connections with families.

Staff members from any department can be involved in the application process with granular permissions giving access to only the parts of the system they need. Tasks and notes provide an easy to follow workflow and communication trail when it comes time to make a decision.

Optimised for China

With the number of schools in China constantly growing, OpenApply is committed to expanding its support of localised features. In the last year we have rolled out a WeChat integration and Chinese parent interface to allow schools to more easily interact with local families.

Upcoming plans include integration with Alipay and WeChat pay as well as hosting Chinese accounts locally in China. Providing a smooth application experience for Chinese parents and schools is currently a top priority.

Other Features

Customisable checklists

Bilingual checklists can be customised by application status and programme meaning parents are always aware of their next steps reducing time and stress in the process. Parents can upload files, schedule tours and interviews, fill forms directly from the checklist and watch as their application is completed in real time!

Family Communication

OpenApply offers both individual and bulk email communication with families directly from the system.  Templates and multi-lingual capabilities make for a smooth and easy communication process that is transparent for all staff members involved.


OpenApply partners with popular online payment providers such as Stripe, CyberSource, and PayPal to accept online payments of application and admissions related fees in over 110 different currencies. Finance team members can access the Payments area and export reconciliation reports for smooth tracking and consolidation of information.

Streamlined Re-Enrolment

Re-enrol students in 4 easy steps in OpenApply. Customised pre-filled forms allow you to collect every family’s updated information in a hassle free process for parents and administrators alike.

Analytics Tracking

From enquiry vs. conversion to available seats to referral source breakdowns, OpenApply offers robust analytics tracking to meet the needs of management, marketing, and the local government. Automated graphs and tables allow easy oversight of commonly used information at a glance while customisable options give you any information at your fingertips.

Event registration

Parents can easily sign up for tours and open days based on a customisable schedule removing tedious admin work from the admissions office. Track events on the admin calendar and integrate it with your personal iCal or Outlook account.

24-hour support and training

Our OpenApply support team is always standing by 24 hours a day Monday-Friday to answer your questions by phone or email. Training can be scheduled online at any time and is always complimentary to ensure you can make the most effective use of the OpenApply system.

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Top China School Admissions System with Local Hosting and Bilingual Interface