The International Admissions Bulletin is the publication of choice for admissions professionals in international schools.

The magazine is co-edited by Robin Berting, who has fifteen years of experience working in admissions offices at international schools in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Korea, and Jessica Fortin, Admissions Director at the International Community School of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, with almost twenty years of experience in the sector. The magazine is published and distributed free of charge by Faria Education Group, the world’s leading software provider to international schools. Click on our various issues to view top international school admissions articles from experts in the field.

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The International Admissions Bulletin is published once a year in September.

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Featured Articles

The Changing Face of the Admissions Roundtable

Emma Taker, Bekah Dawson and Laura Bursey Faulkner
Issue 11 - September, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for every international school, and we saw admissions offices come up with creative ways to solve those challenges, many of which they have kept in the post-pa...

How to Create a Winning Customer Journey

Bianca Coleborn
Issue 11 - September, 2023

As a seasoned school marketer with over a decade of experience in senior roles recruiting international students to Australia, Bianca’s diverse background in corporate and government marketing has e...

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