An Introduction to OpenApply

You have questions, we have answers.


What is OpenApply?

OpenApply simplifies the admissions process for families and schools by providing a convenient alternative to paper forms, and by providing an integrated system to support the internal admissions process from first enquiry to enrolment.


What do I need to use OpenApply?

OpenApply is a web-based application that is hosted on our servers. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled.

We would recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience, but Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox all work fine on Macs & PCs.


How much does OpenApply cost?

OpenApply is free for applicants & families, but it is provided as an annual subscription service to schools.


Who is behind OpenApply?

OpenApply is a service provided by ManageBac LLC. We develop solutions that enhance efficiency in education globally.


What do I need to get setup?

Setting up OpenApply is quick and easy. All you need is a copy of your existing application forms in Word or PDF format.

After signing up, we build in your application forms within 24-48 hours and work with you to configure your school’s account, so that the admissions process reflects your school’s requirements.

A typical implementation period takes 4-6 weeks in total.

How do I sign-up for OpenApply?

You can sign-up directly on our website here. You can also call us at +1 888 418 0668 (or any of the numbers below).

Help & Training

Where can I get additional help?

If you have support related questions, you can visit the Online Support section. If you have additional questions, please email us or call us at +1 888 418 0668 (or any of the numbers below).

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide support by e-mail and telephone 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. We also provide free one-on-one online training sessions for your Admissions Team during the setup phase to help them get acquainted with OpenApply and to walk through all key parts of the system.


Where is OpenApply hosted?

OpenApply is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Accounts for schools located in mainland China are hosted on servers in Beijing, China while accounts for the rest of the world are hosted on servers in Montreal, Canada.

Are my files backed up?

Yes, files are backed up in real-time on redundant RAID storage locally, and disk images are backed up daily at the data center. Records are also encrypted, and backed up off-site at a separate facility three times each week.

Can I export my information from OpenApply?

You can export applicant and family information in both PDF and Excel CSV format. All information stored on OpenApply is exportable.

How secure is OpenApply?

OpenApply is ISO 27001 compliant, demonstrating a commitment to data security at every level of our organisation. All data between your computer and our systems is encrypted end-to-end with SSL by default. Other uploaded assets and backups are also stored and transmitted using encrypted connections.

While your site is publicly accessible to prospective applicants and families, a password-protected account is created for each family automatically once they submit any information via an application or enquiry form. OpenApply’s Admissions Dashboard for staff is not publicly accessible.

Please click here for more information on OpenApply’s Security and Compliance.


When are invoices raised and due?

Invoices are raised annually based on your renewal month. For most schools, in the northern hemisphere renewal occurs in the fall and in the southern hemisphere during the winter.

Invoices are issued to your school’s designated Billing Contact by e-mail 30 days before your renewal date. For instance, if your account renews on November 15, your school’s Billing Contact will receive a PDF invoice via e-mail by October 15. Our standard payment terms are net 30, which means that invoices are due within 30 days from the date of issue.

If you require an early invoice, please feel free to contact us at and include your student count by programme.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card, cheque and bank transfer. Any administrator on your ManageBac account can pay via credit card by navigating to Settings > Billing. When a credit card is updated or entered in the presence of an outstanding invoice, payment will be processed immediately. Credit cards already stored on the system will be charged on the account’s renewal date.

Instructions for paying by wire transfer or cheque can be found directly on the invoice. Please note that it can take up to six weeks before your invoice is marked as paid if paying by foreign US$ check. For domestic US$ checks, reconciliation normally occurs within three to five working days.

We only accept payment by bank transfer for school in China currently, we are working to offer more payment options to schools in China.


How do I submit my purchase order?

A purchase order can be submitted directly through your ManageBac account by navigating to Settings > Billing > enter PO number and upload the file > Save Changes.

If you do not have access to your school’s ManageBac account, please email the purchase order to

Once we receive the purchase order, we will generate a new invoice that includes the purchase order number.


The student count on my invoice is incorrect. How do I adjust this?

If you notice a discrepancy, please contact us at Please note, your invoiced student count is subject to the minimum student count in your written agreement.


I see two student counts on my Billing tab: “Actual” and “Adjusted.” What is the difference?

Actual refers to the number of active student accounts on the system for a given service. Adjusted refers to the number of enrolled students reported to us by the school in a given service. Please note, your Adjusted student count cannot go below the minimum student count in your written agreement.


I need a quotation before I can pay the actual invoice. Whom can I contact?

Quotation requests can be sent to Please allow 1-2 business days for the quotation request to be processed.


I have documentation (e.g. W-9, sole source letter, vendor forms, etc) that I need ManageBac to complete before I can issue payment. Whom can I contact?

Documentation requests can be sent to


How do I obtain a receipt for the invoice payment?

A receipt will be generated automatically within 3-5 business days of receiving payment. Receipts will be emailed automatically to the school’s Billing Contact and will also post to your Billing page.

For schools in China, we will provide Fapiao upon receiving payment. Schools need to provide an official name in Chinese , Tax ID and mailing address for sending the official tax receipt.


How do I update our school’s Billing Contact?

Schools can modify their Billing Contact by logging into their account and navigating to Settings > Billing.

Please note that one Billing Contact is allowed per account and that this person will receive the initial invoice as well as any correspondence about that invoice.


Are there penalties for late payment?

Invoices that are more than thirty days outstanding incur a late payment interest rate of 2% per month until payment is made.

In the very rare case that a school is more than sixty days past due, OpenApply reserves the right to suspend an account. We do everything possible to avoid this situation, and so long as the school remains communicative and provides an anticipated date of payment within 10 business days, we will not suspend the account.


Are there any multi-year plans or discounts available?

Yes, schools that subscribe for multi-year plans and pay two years up front will receive a 5% discount; schools that subscribe for three years and pay three years up front will receive a 10% discount. Please note that the full payment is due at the time of the subscription’s commencement.

To learn more, browse our multi-year FAQs

If you would like to subscribe to a multi-year plan, please contact us at


I would like to discuss my invoice by phone.

Please feel free to contact us at any of the following numbers:
US: +1 888 418 0668
UK: +44 208 133 7489
HK: +852 8175 8152
Australia: +61 2 8006 2335

Multi-year Agreements

How large of a discount can I get for subscribing to a multi-year plan?

We provide a discount of 5% of total fees for a 2-year subscription and 10% of total fees for a 3-year subscription.


When I need to make payment for a multi-year plan?

2-year or 3-year services fee payments must be received on or before the subscription start date to enjoy the discount.


What if my student numbers increase in Year 2 or Year 3?

ManageBac’s services fees are based on the number of enrolled students. If your total number of students in Year 2 or Year 3 increases, a supplementary invoice will be issued with the same discounted rate applied until the end of the subscription period.


Can I select a partial service for multi-year plan with the remaining services billed annually?

Yes, we offer this option. If you only want to subscribe for a multi-year plan for a given programme, but keep other services under an annual renewal, we can accommodate this.


I have already paid my 2018-2019 academic year subscription fees recently, but would like to subscribe to a multi-year plan for 2019-2021, can I do it now?

Yes. We can issue an early invoice to cover the next 2 or 3 academic years. Please contact for assistance.


How does this multi-year plan benefit my school?

The multi-year plan saves schools money on the annual renewal of existing services and provides more stability by locking in the current pricing structure for existing services, meaning the school would be exempt from any pricing adjustments (besides changes in student numbers) for the duration of the multi-year subscription.


How can I sign up for multi-year plan?

You can confirm your multi-year plan via email to or contact our Sales and Support team to confirm. Our finance team will send you an invoice of total subscription fee.


Can I have refund if I cancel my subscription before expiry?

Based on our terms of service, ManageBac’s services fees are non-refundable.