We’re excited to highlight a number of updates made in September to enhance your OpenApply experience. Our ongoing mission is to provide the best admissions management, CRM, and advancement platform for international and independent schools.

We believe these enhancements will help to further streamline and simplify the admissions process for both staff and parents alike. Let’s take a closer look:

Filtering Enhancements

The AND/OR filter logic in OpenApply has been enhanced to enable searching for students that have, or don’t have, all of the selected tags, as well as students who have any of the selected tags. Additionally, admissions teams using OpenApply can filter for students with a broken status history, to easily find these students and improve the data quality within their system.

Lastly, schools can now filter for custom date fields, to the extent where they can select from a list of all their forms, and subsequently choose a date field from within the selected form.

This level of granularity and control allows for a much more accurate search, as well as improved data integrity.

QR Code Event Check-in

For many schools, tracking which parents have attended an event such as an Open Day, is a manual process. Due to popular demand, this is no longer the case! We are excited to announce that the latest version of our iOS and Android mobile app allows parents to simply scan a QR code and sign in automatically at the site.

This offers a quick and pleasant user experience for parents as well as a more streamlined and efficient one for school staff.

Bulk Editing Data

For schools with multiple campuses, it is a common requirement for admissions teams to bulk edit a student’s campus when they transition years.

It is now possible to add ‘Campus’ to the list of fields displayed on the roster on OpenApply. This empowers schools to bulk edit the campus for a large number of students quickly and efficiently. Previously, ‘Birth Date’ was added to help schools ensure birth dates were matching the Grades of applicants.

Other Improvements

Our development team has deployed various other improvements to enhance the OpenApply experience for families and staff throughout September. Below are just a few of these enhancements:

  • Schools are able to see the exact start time and end time of one-time events, on the ‘Events Settings’ page.
  • Schools are able to export the dates of Parent/Guardian signatures, as well as the Feeder School Reference Status.
  • Since students don’t have an enrollment date at the point when they are first being marked as admitted, the ‘enrollment date’ variable has been removed from the legend of values in message templates at this stage of the admissions process.

To learn more about any of the aforementioned updates and enhancements, whether you are an OpenApply customer or not, book a free demo with a member of our team:

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