Announcing the March edition of the International Admissions Bulletin: Admissions at the Leadership Table

We are delighted today to release the digital version of our March 2017 issue of the International Admissions Bulletin!

“I have always had admissions on my leadership team. There is no way you can understand the bigger picture without listening to what Admissions has to say.”

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Our March issue focuses on the theme of leadership at the admissions table, and features:

…and more!

OpenApply is honoured to publish the International Admissions Bulletin as part of our ongoing commitment to providing robust professional development opportunities to international school admissions staff.

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Feature Friday

Disable Export to PDF for Questionnaire Forms: If your school uses a ‘Questionnaire’ type form for confidential recommendations, you can now disable the option for parents to export the form to PDF. This ensures that the recommendation must be completed confidentially online.


Navigate to Settings > Forms and click on the questionnaire form, then uncheck ‘Allow parents to print as PDF’.


More information can be found here.

Feature Friday

Multiple Enquiries per Family: If your school has the ‘Registration of Interest’ form enabled, parents can now submit enquiries for each child individually. This improves the accuracy of tracking incoming enquiries and reporting conversion numbers. For more information, click here.


Registration Open: Admissions Conference Doha

We’re excited to announce that registration for our first OpenApply Admissions conference in the Middle East is now open!

The conference will be held at The International School of London, Qatar on April 28-29, 2017 and we hope you’ll be able to join us for one-and-a-half days of unmissable Admissions content and networking.

Our OpenApply Admissions Conferences bring together heads of schools, admissions & marketing directors, finance managers, technology coordinators, and more from international schools around the world to discuss common challenges and work towards solutions.

  • Discover best admissions practices at leading schools in the Middle East and beyond
  • Discuss common challenges facing admissions professionals in an international school environment
  • Meet your peers and learn from their collective wisdom & experience

Interested in speaking at the event? Please send a brief proposal to our Events Coordinator, Jo Massie at by March 3, 2017.

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Sneak Peek: International Admissions Bulletin Issue #2!

Our next issue of the International Admissions Bulletin arrives in March!

The March issue features “A Seat at the Leadership Table,” looking at how the work of admissions is recognised within schools.

Did you know only 41%* of international school admissions officers are part of their school’s senior leadership team?

In our March issue, we look at the stories behind the statistics to see how admissions successfully builds the case for inclusion at the highest levels of senior management. One strategy is to deliver an accurate and smooth re-enrolment for families. We’ve released a sneak peek of best practices here.

The March issue will also include our regular features:

  • Conference Roundup & Recap
  • International School News
  • My Journey to Admissions

Missed the September issue? Read it here.

Feedback from our first edition!

“The articles are fantastic — you have succeeded in filling a
BIG void in the exciting world of international school admission.”

“What a lovely layout, interesting cross-section of
articles and fresh, dynamic feel.”

Your Guide to Managing Re-enrolment

Managing the transient student populations at international schools is a challenge for every admissions team. How many students are coming back, how many are leaving, and how many open places are available for new families?

OpenApply partners daily with international schools to deliver a smooth re-enrolment process for administrators and families alike. We’ve gathered the best practices from senior admissions staff to share:


Top 5 Tips for Managing Re-enrolment

1. Reminders

Communication is key. Remind parents early and often, and at every opportunity. Yes, that initial e-mail or letter is useful, but parents should already know what’s coming. Monthly newsletters, re-enrolment announcements at parent meetings, and updates to your parent portal are all great ways to keep them reminded. An informed parent makes collecting the information that much easier!

2. Keep it simple

International school parents have a lot on their plates so making the re-enrolment process as simple as possible goes a long way. Short forms are great! Allow your parents to verify and update information you already have, instead of asking them to fill it in again. Ease the payment process by providing an online portal or step by step instructions for transferring money to the school’s account. Some schools have even moved to auto re-enrolment where no forms are required at all unless the child is withdrawing. The easier your process, the more responses you will get.

3. Move online

In the last few years, schools have moved online to make life easier for both parents and administrators. A simple online form is easier for parents to fill out and return, especially when they can access it from any device. Online re-enrolment also means that the admissions office can manage the process in a few simple clicks, instead of hours working with paper.

4. Provide incentives

Are calls and e-mails getting you nowhere? We have found that incentives are key! Tie re-enrolment responses to other school-to-home communication, such as student report cards and other records. If you provide the parents with more reasons to complete re-enrolment, their responses will be more timely.

5. Work together

Re-enrolment can be hard! However, it does not have to be overwhelming. We found our most efficient schools work across departments to get it all done. For example, Admissions follows up for the re-enrolment confirmation while the Business Office/Finance follows up for the deposit. Having both offices contact parents creates more urgency and keeps re-enrolment front and center.

Have other tips to share? Let us know!

Want more? The upcoming March issue of the International Admissions Bulletin will showcase the best re-enrolment practices from around the world.

See how you can manage re-enrolment in OpenApply!

Feature Friday

Enable or Disable Registration of Interest by Programme: You can now accept inquires for programmes which are closed for applications. Navigate to Settings > Forms > Registration of Interest to enable or disable the ROI forms by programme.
Changes and Improvements to Copying E-Mails into OpenApply: Administrators can easily BCC and FWD e-mails (including attachments) into OpenApply. To further improve the reliability and compatibility of this feature, we recently updated the format of the BCC address for all OpenApply administrators. Find out more here: