We’re delighted to announce a few exciting updates designed to improve the OpenApply experience for both your admissions team and your parents alike! These enhancements will increase efficiency, transparency, and trust in the admissions process, while also simplifying data management and streamlining your operations further. Let’s take a closer look.

Enrolment Contract Updates

Audit Reports are now available for Enrolment Contracts, adding an extra layer of transparency and accountability to the admissions process. By simply ticking a checkbox, the system will automatically generate an A4 Audit Report and attach it to the last page of the PDF Contract file. This update empowers schools to provide more comprehensive documentation to parents, ensuring clarity and confidence throughout the admissions journey. Note: to have enrolment contracts enabled, please contact support@openapply.com

Enrolment Contract Updates

Integration Updates

Schools using the OpenApply to PowerSchool integration can now seamlessly sync Core Fields from OpenApply to their PowerSchool account. By effortlessly mapping essential student data directly from OpenApply via API, schools can enhance data accuracy, eliminate manual entry errors, and ensure consistency across platforms.

PowerSchool Integration Updates

Other Improvements

Our development team has deployed a number of other improvements to enhance the OpenApply experience for families and staff throughout April. Below are just a few of these enhancements:

  • Export tags for Contacts (CRM fields) – after exporting, a new column is added to display the tag field, similar to tags for students
  • ‘Fully Booked’ prompt for events – parents can now easily see if there are no available events in a month. Rather than displaying a blank calendar, a prompt indicates when all time slots in a selected month have been booked, providing clarity to parents
  • Search UX improvements – optimisations to the user experience when performing searches, such as ignoring accidental spaces before or after the search query to ensure results are retrieved and displayed

To learn more about any of these updates and enhancements, whether you are an OpenApply customer or not, book a free demo with a member of our team.

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