We’re excited to announce a number of updates designed to improve your OpenApply experience! These enhancements will contribute to the ongoing optimisation and streamlining of your admissions process. Let’s take a closer look.

Enrolment Contract Updates

Enrolment forms now support PDF contracts with electronic signatures, and appear separately at the top of the page rather than within a checklist. This reminder will persistently show until a parent signs the PDF, and prior to this being done, the enrolment contract cannot be completed. Additionally, it is now possible to generate an A4 audit report and attach it to the last page in the PDF Contract file by simply ticking a checkbox.

These features emphasise visibility and priority, ensuring prompt attention to crucial enrolment contracts, thereby streamlining the process, ensuring legal compliance, and providing a clear documentation trail.

Checklist Updates

Schools often require information and documentation submitted by a certain day. Now, Admins on OpenApply can set due dates for each checklist item so that they are received in a timely manner. The two types of due dates are ‘Time Frame’ (a rolling time period, e.g. 10 days) and ‘Specific Date’ (such as those that need to be completed within the same week each year). Admins can see these due dates on the roster and applicant profile, while parents have visibility via the parent profile.

By default, Checklists are set up with soft deadlines, allowing parents to complete the checklist items even after the due date has passed. However, it is also possible to set hard deadlines, whereby schools will not accept submissions beyond the due date(s), and in the event of pending items after this date, the entire checklist is disabled. Lastly, Admins can mark a Checklist as ‘Optional’, so parents know they don’t need to complete it.

These updates ensure timely submission of essential information, and reduced administrative load. The flexibility of soft deadlines and optional checklists, while maintaining accountability with hard deadlines, increases transparency and empowers parents with clear guidance, simplifying the process for everyone involved.

Other Improvements

Our development team has deployed numerous other improvements to enhance the OpenApply experience for families and staff throughout February. Below are just a few of these enhancements:

  • CRM form tracking – gain a more comprehensive understanding of channel data (impressions, clicks, application stage) with the option to filter and export data for further analysis
  • Enrolment Analytics Enhancements – ability to quickly inspect discrepancies between enrolment analytics and the student roster via hyperlinked numbers within the enrolment analytics
  • Bulk messages in audit log – we have restored this feature to give admins visibility into when bulk messages were sent
  • Warning message for hidden students – if users select a specific year by default, some students may be hidden, so we have incorporated a warning message reminding users that either the academic year is not set to ‘All Academic Years’, or they do not have permission to view those students
  • API updates – various updates including better visibility of agent data and field masking

To learn more about any of these updates and enhancements, whether you are an OpenApply customer or not, book a free demo with a member of our team.

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