This month we were excited to release several new feature enhancements designed to streamline the admissions process for staff and families, and significantly enhance the OpenApply user experience for our schools. These updates will increase efficiency and clarity to help streamline your operations further. Let’s take a closer look.


Many independent schools face a high volume of reapplications each year due to limited available places. To simplify this process, we have introduced a setting that would allow reapplications when enabled.

Parents of declined, waitlisted, and withdrawn applicants will see a ‘Re-apply’ button next to their child’s name, and be able to update their child’s enrolment year and application status along with any other necessary edits before re-submitting the application form quickly and easily. Additionally, if a fee is required, parents will be prompted to pay again. This makes reapplication notably easier for both schools and parents, reducing the need for bulk processing and support requests. Learn more about the six essential strategies for streamlined reapplication in our recent blog post).

Reapplication Updates

Focus Dashboard

Operate more efficiently with the launch of the Focus Dashboard – a tool designed to help schools focus on new applicants and students. While OpenApply is very feature-rich, we also want to ensure that admissions officers are successful by empowering them to cut out the noise of a myriad of tasks on their agenda, and home in on what needs to get done on a particular day. The first version of the Focus Dashboard will focus on new applicants, but we are already working on future iterations to include other important elements to focus on.

Focus Dashboard Updates

Other Updates

Our development team has deployed various additional improvements to enhance the OpenApply experience for families and staff over the last few weeks. Below are just a few of these enhancements:

  • Delete Internal Notes for CRM Contacts – admins are now able to delete notes left under CRM contacts, in the same way that they can for applicants, enquiries and students, keeping things neat and tidy
  • Filter for ‘No Representative’ – easily find applicants who are not assigned a representative by using this dedicated filter
  • Import Optimisation – following a successful import, quickly filter for batch modifications, add tags, reminders, and directly jump to the roster
  • IP Address in Enrolment Contract Audit Log – enjoy an additional layer of signature authentication, making reports more legally binding in the event of a dispute

To learn more about any of these updates and enhancements, whether you are an OpenApply customer or not, book a free demo with a member of our team.

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