When families consider applying (and reapplying) to an independent or international school, they can face potentially significant hurdles. This is particularly true for prestigious schools in competitive markets, such as the UK independent sector, where the number of applicants often exceeds the available spaces. A well-organised reapplication process is not just beneficial; it’s critical. It demonstrates your respect for the time and trust that families place in your school. In this blog, we’ll explore six strategies to refine the reapplication process, which admissions teams can leverage to operate more efficiently while offering prospective families an enhanced experience.

School Reapplication Challenges

Identifying Reapplication Challenges

A complex reapplication process can lead to several adverse consequences. Addressing these challenges is important for maintaining a positive admissions journey and attracting mission-fit students (i.e. those that align with the school values and ethos and are best suited to thrive there).

Heightened Stress
Parents and students are already navigating the pressures of application deadlines, relocation stress, and other decision-making. A difficult process adds unnecessary stress, potentially deterring them from reapplying to your school.

Loss of Talent
Gifted and talented students may choose a school with a more streamlined process, resulting in a loss of diversity and potential across your student body. Obstacles during the reapplication process could alienate students who could contribute significantly to the school’s intellectual and cultural richness.

Reputational Damage
Word-of-mouth is important, as negative experiences can swiftly damage your school’s reputation, impacting future admissions. While effective communication can mitigate these risks (learn more in our power-packed parent communication cheat sheet), technical or administrative hurdles are difficult to ignore.

Increased Administrative Burden
A difficult reapplication process not only stresses parents and students, but also places additional strain on your administrators. Managing a complex process requires more time, resources, and manual effort, diverting attention from other critical tasks such as building and nurturing relationships, hosting events, engaging with alumni or driving school advancement through innovative initiatives.

School Reapplication Process

Why a Smooth Reapplication Process is Crucial

A streamlined reapplication process offers many benefits, including enhanced parent satisfaction, efficient administration, data integrity, and improved communication. Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

Parent Satisfaction
A straightforward reapplication process reduces unnecessary stress for parents and students, who already face other decision-making pressures and various deadlines, thereby enhancing their overall experience and perception of your school. By providing simplicity and convenience, your school can demonstrate its commitment to an end-to-end hassle-free experience, void of anxiety, delays and obstacles.

Efficient Administration
Streamlining the reapplication process reduces administrative burden, freeing up valuable time and resources that your admissions team can put towards activities that contribute towards the advancement of the school (such as leveraging events to support student recruitment, engaging with alumni, and building a world-class school brand).

Data Integrity
A well-designed reapplication process addresses certain admissions challenges by ensuring data accuracy and minimising the risk of errors or duplicate entries. Maintaining precise records is essential for reliable analytics and regulatory compliance. Additionally, simplifying processes is always welcome, and can help to support cybersecurity and safeguarding efforts (learn more about EdTech cybersecurity and safeguarding in admissions here).

Predictive Analytics
Efficient data collection and processing allows your school to use predictive analytics and AI to better understand enrolment patterns and trends. With more time and resources, your team can implement targeted communication strategies to engage potential re-applicants, by addressing the students’ specific needs and concerns.

Technological Advancements
Implementing automated state of the art systems like OpenApply for reapplication makes life notably easier for both schools and parents, reducing the need for bulk processing and support requests. Parents of declined, waitlisted, and withdrawn applicants can re-apply at the click of a button, update their child’s enrolment year and application status, and make other necessary edits before re-submitting the application form quickly and easily.

Competitive Advantage
Demonstrating an efficient reapplication process can serve as yet another unique selling point in a competitive independent and international school market. Schools known for their efficient and student-friendly processes have an enhanced reputation, attracting more students and potentially higher-skilled staff.

Strategies for Streamlined School Reapplication

Now that we’ve established the importance of a smooth reapplication process, here are a few practical tips to achieve this:

Clear Communication

Provide detailed instructions and easy access to information on your website, newsletters and other communications to encourage successful reapplications.

Personalised Reminders and Deadlines

Use automated reminders and personalised deadlines to keep parents informed and on track throughout the reapplication process.

Regular Feedback

Seek feedback from families who have previously undergone the process. Use their insights for ongoing improvements, ensuring the reapplication process is optimised to be more inclusive and meet families’ evolving needs.

Invest in Technology

Adopt a platform like OpenApply that simplifies the reapplication process for staff and parents alike, with intuitive, mobile-accessible features.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Ensure your admissions management system integrates seamlessly with your LMS, SIS, and more, providing a cohesive experience for both administrators and families (learn more about how OpenApply integrates with the tools you love, all in one place).

Staff Training and Support

Ensure that your admissions team receives the necessary training to effectively manage the reapplication process. Regular training sessions and support resources can help staff manage this process efficiently, reducing errors and enhancing the overall experience for families.

Due to the potentially high volume of reapplications at some schools, it is important to use an admission system that offers flexibility and control over exactly which students can re-apply. The ease of reapplication is also a crucial factor that can distinguish your school for parents. Prioritising this aspect shows a commitment to inclusion and respect for the families who have shown an interest in your school. By striving for simplicity and efficiency, your school can elevate the admissions experience and continue to be the preferred choice for discerning families worldwide.

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