Khan Lab School


Dominic Liechti

Executive Director

We believe that ownership and relationship are the keys to success in learning, and OpenApply helps us build relationships from day one.

Khan Lab School (KLS) is an independent school associated with Khan Academy. In keeping with Sal Khan’s “One World Schoolhouse” philosophy, KLS provides an extended-year, extended-day, mixed-age program with a collaborative, project-based learning approach. Instead of grouping students by a fixed trait such as age, the school puts learners in control of their progression from one Independence Level to the next. All students achieve fluency in reading, writing, math, world language, computing, and digital literacy, and they build a portfolio of work displaying mastery in core skills, deeper learning concepts, global citizenship, sciences, the arts, and beyond.

To recruit the most creative and innovative students, Khan Lab School needed a creative and innovative admissions platform with a global approach. In 2016, the KLS team turned to OpenApply.

Customizable Forms

Khan Lab School uses OpenApply’s customizable forms to collect applicant and student data both during the admissions process and after enrollment. The school uses 15 different forms to collect information on new and existing students.


Implementing OpenApply began with re-enrollment. Once payment fees, terms and contracts were finalized, Khan Lab School sent out e-mail notifications to parents. When a parent confirmed, they were immediately directed to a payment page. From within OpenApply, the Khan Lab School administration team was able to track capacity in real-time as families confirmed or declined, substantially shortening the typical processing time.