We are excited to announce new analytics for OpenApply CRM! We are constantly improving the CRM, and we hope these new charts enable you to dig deeper into your analyses.

We have added conversion funnels to each type of CRM analytical group: Source, Email Campaign, Mailing List, and Log Activity. Now you can easily see the conversion success that each CRM tool brings your school. With this data, you can monitor which marketing avenues bring success and then double down on those efforts! In addition, we have added further breakdown charts for each Log Outcome. The OpenApply CRM can help your school reach more families, nurture the relationships, and track successful marketing efforts.

Our product roadmap is now on our website for your viewing and feedback. This interactive roadmap allows you to directly submit ratings and comments on OpenApply features we plan to build. Please check it out and let us hear your voice! https://www.openapply.com/product-portal

Please email sales@openapply.com if you have any questions.

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