We are excited to announce the arrival of a number of heavily requested features on OpenApply, including the option to allow parents to mark To-Do items as completed, checklist conditions with AND/OR logic, and copying conditional rules when copying checklists without needing to manually add the rules again.

These updates make the checklist feature on OpenApply more flexible, and empower schools to tailor settings to meet their needs.

Allow Parents to Mark To-Do Items as Completed

Previously, to-do items in checklists could only be marked as completed by schools. However, in some cases, schools may want to share a document with parents and ensure they have read it. In such cases, it makes more sense to allow parents to mark the item as done, themselves.

Now in OpenApply, under the to-do requirement type, there is an option to allow parents to mark an item as completed.

Checklist Conditions with AND/OR Logic

Previously, schools could connect conditional rules using the ‘OR’ logic. Now, both AND and OR logic can be applied, with users able to add up to 10 conditions in a group and up to 10 condition groups for a checklist item.

This feature in particular was requested by many schools, and we are delighted to have implemented it in OpenApply!

Copying Checklist Conditions Across Programmes

Previously, when schools copied checklist items to another programme, the checklist conditions were not copied with them. We are pleased to say that this aspect has now been updated and checklist conditions will be copied along with the checklist itself.